artificial landscape grass Ontario

artificial landscape grass Ontario

Installation of artificial turf is not a one-step procedure. Countless people realize the importance of making a switch from live patio to this new beautiful installation. The benefits of using grass from Celestinos far outweigh the status of having natural grass. What do you need to know about the process of installation and maintenance?

Should you hire a contractor?

Artificial landscape grass in Ontario will have a better installation with the professional help of Celestinos Artificial Turf. We have a long-standing history of providing high-quality lawn and sustainable installation services across California. You do not have to worry about the grass giving you short-term service due to improper installation. Hiring a contractor will also exempt you from responsibilities that arise in case of accidents on the lawn.

What are the necessary preparation steps?

Our contractors will not only roll out the grass like a carpet. Several preparation steps will ensure that the surface has enough conformity to the new installation. Here is how to ensure that the artificial landscape grass in Ontario retains its longevity.

Remove weeds and other invasive growths

Placing synthetic grass over the growth of plants will heighten the development of the following problems:

  • Penetration of weed to the surface.
  • There is also a high likelihood that an overgrowth of weeds will loosen the artificial installation.
  • The landscape will have drainage issues due to a lack of proper breathing underground.
  • The landscape will have an uneven surface due to the accumulation of dead plants beneath the surface.
  • There will be an increased likelihood of accidents due to tripping over on bumps and depressions.

Make sure that you permanently remove the weeds by uprooting and spraying. Alternatively, contract our lawn maintenance services at an attractive pricing package.

Remove other objects

Our professionals will have the utmost respect for your property despite the presence of other objects in the lawn. It is, however, in the best interest of you and the contractors to remove foreign objects on the garden such as BBQ setups and patio furniture. We understand that one cannot remove permanent fixtures like tanks; hence, we will work around these items to give your landscape a seamless and luscious look. 

What to avoid when preparing the ground

  • One should not leave behind any trace of stones, wood or roots, as they will lead to rapid degradation of the synthetic grass.
  • It is dangerous to leave behind open cracks and holes. This step will not only better the aesthetics, but it will also prevent the collection of water.
  • Proper drainage of rainwater is vital to the life of the grass. It will prevent the growth of moss and rotting of the landscape’s surface in contact with the soil.

Why should you choose Celestinos Artificial Turf?

The family business has two decades of upward growth in the industry. Customers comment that the staff has an unbiased inclination to the client. The team will make a scientific analysis of the landscape and recommend a suitable solution that fits in both functionality and aesthetics. We have various types of artificial turf that will suit your purpose and sustain you for an extended period without replacement.

artificial landscape grass Ontario
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artificial landscape grass Ontario
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