Concrete Grande Prairie

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Concrete Grande Prairie

Concrete, a material sourced from limestone, has been a prominent construction material since ancient times. While having access to more advanced equipment makes it even easier, it has always been quite reliable for making long-lasting structures. Of course, there is plenty of alternative on the market before considering this go-to material.

Why is concrete so great to use for construction?

Concrete is used in most commercial construction projects and quite a lot of residential homes. While it is heavy and more expensive than some other materials, it is stronger, easier to maintain and essential when living in earthquake-prone locations. It is definitely needed for building multi-story office buildings and the like.

Concrete in Grande Prairie is able to resist high winds, does not have the risk of rust and doesn’t even have the properties to combust. It is the perfect shield for most things bad in the world, although it has to be properly used.

Taking a look at wood, it is quite flimsy, weak and famously gets gobbled up by tornadoes. Unless you are living in the calmest corner of the earth, it would seem foolish to use it. People have even died to faulty electrical wiring or kitchen accidents to wood being the perfect kindle to burn down the house.

The unfortunate part about concrete in grande prairie is that it is hard to modify or destroy, making structures feel more permanent. It is also quite slow to build structures and weather conditions can affect the way concrete is cured. If you are building in a distant location, you will also tack on expensive transport costs.

Working with concrete can also be a bit more hazardous, but that only applies if you build your structure yourself. You need to make sure that wet concrete or dry debris doesn’t get into your eyes or mouth.

Is concrete a sustainable material?

Concrete may not be considered a green material to use due to the cost in transportation and the carbon emissions used to create it. On the other hand, if you consider the efficiency it brings over other materials, it can be more Earth-friendly than you may have thought.

One factor to consider is how concrete will be a durable, long-term investment when building a structure. This means that you won’t be needing to rebuild until decades later, taking away fewer resources away from earth.

Concrete is also better at retaining heat and deflecting sunlight, giving the user less reliance on HVAC for heating or cooling. One of the biggest expenses in gas and fossil fuels is climate control of homes and offices. Imagine only needing to occasionally use the fan in the summer instead of blasting an electricity-hogging air conditioner.

Concrete is definitely not a material that will disappoint and the large up-front investment will show itself after decades. It is definitely worth it if you live in hazardous areas like tornado zones or the Ring of Fire. If you need a helping hand with your hard concrete job, give us a call for a consultation.

Concrete Grande Prairie
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