court surfacing West Covina

court surfacing West Covina

The incredibly skilled crew at Celestinos Artificial Turf have years of experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of court surfaces. We serve both small and big clients in ensuring that the sports surface in question has a consistently good look and functionality. Our services of court surfacing in West Covina will cater to a myriad of ground maintenance issues in question.

What can you expect from our court surfacing services?

Our professionals will make a visit to the location for inspection.  We will use this information to devise the proper ways to keep your court smooth and highly functional. Court surfacing in West Covina will take a specific duration depending on its present condition and size. All this information will be available to you so that you to prepare for a safe and clean ground maintenance procedure.

How can you tell that you need court surfacing services?

  • The surface will be hard on your knees
  • The ground will have a faded or worn out color
  • Visibility of faded lines on the court
  • Possible crack on the surface
  • A growing need to cushion the surface
  • The growth of algae
  • A need to make additions on the court

What is the importance of court surfacing?

A sport’s court will be much more useful when you give it the best care. Constant neglect will pose a danger to the users as well as a drastic reduction in the leasing business. You will have better holistic benefits from utilizing trustworthy and quality ground maintenance from Celestinos Artificial Turf.


The ground has a lot of exposure to climatic conditions that foster the growth of moss and algae. The additional increase of parasitic plants will be a health risk to anyone who uses the grounds a lot.

Maintain flooring material

The worn-out ground material is dangerous and should be renovated to prevent accidents. Additionally, the make up will also maintain a high performance of sports games. Our court surfacing in West Covina will ensure that your ground maintains an international standard.

Better performance

Courts that need redecoration and coloring will improve the visibility of players and performance during games.


A reduced cushion on the surface will hurt anyone who aggressively uses the grounds. Although these maintenance schemes will sometimes only scratch the surface, removal of weeds and repair of worn-out areas will go a long way in maintaining the international standard of the court.

How does Celestinos Artificial Turf ensure that your court is high quality?

The preparation process will set a firm and sturdy surface, which will yield long term services. Our maintenance scheme covers everything from removal of weeds, trees, and sod in the surroundings. We take into consideration all the dynamics of the projects such as time to deliver quality work in a limited duration. Our professionals will start the installation of the surface with attentive details such as the use of the right material. Talk to our customer care service about any concerns of the court from installation, repair, and maintenance.

court surfacing West Covina
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